The cosmopolitan visitor, who avoids the clamour of large hotels or chains, will find that Quirinale Luxury Rooms offer a unique and idyllic location for your Roman stay, one that is original, intimate, cosy and welcoming.

Our exclusive position, with its stylish setting, is the perfect base from which to explore the millenarian wonders and charms of the Eternal City, as well as the ideal location from which to set out on important business trips.

Skilful restoration has harmoniously blended luxuriousness and formal rigour in order to offer the best to even the most demanding clients, who will find that Quirinale Luxury Rooms offer a mix of rooms tailored to their particular needs. The Suites – Deluxe and Superior – all share the meticulousness of the finishing as well as the tastefulness of the ambience, which the exquisite staircase of this ancestral palace leads to.

This is the reason which allows us to offer a new form of hospitality, which is both original and exclusive, and where the guest feels the warmth and familial nature of the setting, while still maintaining its modern and international ambience.